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America's Involvement in WWI - Research Paper Example

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In this particular era, the feelings of extreme nationalism were adopted by several countries. Tensions flared between nations after the…
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Americas Involvement in WWI
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"America's Involvement in WWI"

Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, WWI became a focal point in American history because it gave an opportunity for America to assert its dominance as a foreign power and give rise to social reforms.
America entered WWI for array of reasons. First and foremost, Americans wanted to abandon the policy of isolationism. The domestic issues that plagued American enticed Americans to take as a lead as a huge superpower. Secondly, the sinking of Lusitania was a huge focal point as it carried American soldiers and ammunition. It is crucial to understand that even prior to entering the war, the US was supplying aid to allies. Although it called itself neutral, it clearly was not. The icing was "discovery" of the Zimmerman Telegram, which threatened the USA> At this point, Germany’s conquest of winning the war was too easy to ignore. Thirdly, it was evident that the U.S. had huge economic investments with the British and French. If the Germans continued to impose their will, then they would not be able to pay the U.S. debt back.
Another huge reason was the political scheme for the leaders of the US. It was clear that Woodrow Wilson did not want to go to war but also did not want to lose to his counterpart- Teddy Roosevelt. As usual, Roosevelt has been aggressive with the war of Spanish-American war and had no problem for Americans to enter a political issue that needed leadership. When Teddy Roosevelt decided to run for another term, Wilson felt that it was best for him to also enter the country into this war (Micahels 40). Hence, President Wilson wanted to make the world safe for democracy
Without a doubt, WWI was turning point in American history because it gave an opportunity to America to display its awesome power. World War was a war that was indisputably fueled by American propaganda by portraying the Axis power as supreme evil. Unmistakably, this was heavy task since so many European descents resided in America. Europe’s condition at this point ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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