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I: Editorials on Cherokee Removal - Essay Example

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Green with historical documents as the centerpiece upon which the premises are drawn with more focus on embedded on its complexity as well as the driving forces behind Cherokee uprooting. Hardships attributed to the…
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Essay I: Editorials on Cherokee Removal
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"I: Editorials on Cherokee Removal"

Download file to see previous pages The Trail of tears as well as its consequential lasting effects on Cherokee from India will form the center stage of this editorial paper. The paper analyses the willing Cherokee as well as the unwilling lot with respect its eviction from their nation.
It was clearly evident that Cherokee ought to have remained in Indian based on the fact that they had a birth right and hence Indian was to be their native Homeland. Their ancestors had a long even before the European colonist arrival history of Indian resident and occupation and removal was an ill-informed agendum as supported by Jeremiah Evert’s, a missionary consortium official. Cherokee forced eviction had no basis based on the evident and their eviction could only results from their free consent totally without being forced. Cherokee had very minimal chances from being evicted from their homeland based on external forces and this could only be feasible if they were the ones who voluntarily surrendered their lands. To add on this the constitution further presented federal government with a sole mandate to engage in treaties with other sovereign nations (Confer 2007, p. 89). Thus removal of Cherokee could only be strongly and deeply embedded on treaties which was not to be the case with respected to president Anderson eviction of Cherokee with respect to natural rights and United States law. Cherokee wanted to stay as this is evident by the Catherine Becher’s call for the American women to come out boldly and oppose the Indian removal despite fewer political outlets held by Indian women. This was right as the eviction was executed with unfair way in total disregard to birth right of the Cherokee whose ancestors had a long history of Indian occupation. Civilization was successful as it had managed to convince the Indians to forsake their savage life. Final annihilation would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Essay I: Editorials on Cherokee Removal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Essay I: Editorials on Cherokee Removal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Essay I: Editorials on Cherokee Removal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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History of the Cherokee Indians move on westwards, others were forced to do so. In the spirit of reciprocity and good will many Cherokee Indians chose the search of a better place to settle down instead of confrontation with the newcomers. Back in the day they preferred to fight, but those days were long gone. As the old Cherokee proverb runs, never let yesterday to use up much of today. In this essay I will briefly analyze the origins of the Cherokee Indians, the way they used to live and the hardships they had to get through. The Cherokee Indians are a unique tribe in many ways. Unlike other Native American tribes, Cherokees built cabins out of woods rather than...
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