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Is there a clash of civilizations - Essay Example

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and its cronies, and the civilization of Muslim world, particularly of the Greater Middle East, have always been at loggerheads, with the different sides taking opposing stands on global issues. The continuous rivalry of the two…
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Is there a clash of civilizations
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"Is there a clash of civilizations"

Download file to see previous pages and its allies, due to the perceived threat of western cultural values, lifestyles, democracy, liberalness, secularism as well as capitalism to the Muslim spiritual customs and dogmas, is indicative of a clash of civilizations between Islam and the west.
There is compelling evidence of the ever-broadening gap between the Muslim world and the west, due to unique differences in values that define the two cultural blocks. While there is no single civilization that dominates the world, the western culture and the Islamic culture are perhaps the greatest civilizations of the world, with the latter being the most troublesome. The Muslim world is always antagonizing the west and individuals in the Islamic civilization do not see eye to eye with those in the western civilization on many issues. The assault on Pentagon and New York’s Twin Towers was not only an attack against the United States as a nation, but also an attack on the glorified western society and philosophy in general (Wistrich, 2001). The Muslim terrorists will not relent until they have reduced the western civilization to the ground and only then will they be satisfied that the spread of contemporary western way of life and western values across the world has been contained.
The Muslim world has always been threatened by the U.S. led “western democracy, freedom of thought, secularism and capitalism, ideals that have been hailed as the epitome of modern civilization and modelled by many nations across the world. As the western nations revel their successful democratization of the rest of the world, the Muslim world frowns at their successes and their hatred grows even further. The longstanding confrontational relationship between the west and the Muslim world does indicate the obvious conflicting interests of the two sides, with each seeking domination of the global world order. The western world, particularly the U.S. and Israel, have been loathed and targeted by the Muslim world since they are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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