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Biography Of Benjamin Franklin - Essay Example

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He was known to be a lot of things: a politician, an author, philosopher, scientist and an inventor. Throughout his life, Benjamin is believed to have done great things for his country and the world at large…
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Biography Of Benjamin Franklin
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"Biography Of Benjamin Franklin"

Download file to see previous pages Despite his achievements at school, he was removed from school at the age of 10 to work at candle making with his Dad. At the age of 12, Benjamin was apprenticed to his brother James at his printing shop by his father. Benjamin took on the fake name Mrs. Silence when James refused to publish any of his writings. With this, his imaginative and amusing letters were in print in his brother’s news paper. When the letters were discovered to be Benjamin’s, James was very angry. After that, Benjamin escaped to New York, although he settled in Philadelphia, this is the place he settled for the rest of his life (Sherrow 7).
During the 1730s, Franklin’s prominence and success grew very much at the end of the 1732 with the publication of Poor Richard’s Almanack. He established a lending library for people to share his zeal for reading, and he chosen the Grand Master of Pennsylvania Mason, postmaster of Philadelphia and clerk of the state assembly. In the 1740s, Franklin went up into entrepreneurship with his invention of the Franklin stove; he also rose into scientific pursuit. In 1750, he conducted the kite-and-key experiment and some of his electricity theories were published in England the preceding year. He was tapped as an ambassador to represent the Pennsylvania Assembly, Georgia, Massachusetts and New Jersey, in England. He went on working towards colonial union and in 1766 he hold up the repeal of the Stamp Act (Dubourcq 10).
Having mapped the postal routes in 1762, Franklin was designated the second Continental Congress and as a postmaster general in 1775. Moreover, in 1776, he was among the five men who drafted the Declaration of Independence. Also he was one of the men who planned the Article of Confederation. In 1785, Franklin returned to America from France. He was chosen to stand for Pennsylvania at the constitutional convention that planned and ratified the new U.S constitution. He took part in electing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...scientific, literary and political events. Despite a challenging childhood, he was able to surpass trials and remained successful through hard work, diligence and perseverance. His innate intellectual talents were put into productive use that benefited mankind during his lifetime and provided inspiration to people pursuing the same line of interests. A man of exemplary drive to be instrumental in changing the world made it a better place to live in. Works Cited Bellis, M. Benjamin Franklin and his Times. 2010. Web. 21 March 2011. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Benjamin Franklin. 2002. Web. 21...
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...Character Profile Template Introductory Information Character’s Benjamin Franklin. Birth–Death Years January 17, 1706 – April 17, 1790. Picture of Character: Find a digital photo of the individual and paste it here. Most Noted For Benjamin Franklin was known as the Founding Father of United States. He has expertise in a large number of different areas. He was a leading politician, author, scientist, postmaster, political theorist, musician, statesman, inventor, diplomat, civic activist and satirist. Character Profile Report Biographical Information: Include life experiences that impacted thoughts and impact on education. Josiah Franklin who was the...
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...on the behalf of white men and definitely not slaves. Because the British government was running short of work force, they required to recruit African American Soldiers to fight on representing the crown, and promising them for the exchange of Liberty in return. As a result of threatening catastrophe, the Royal governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore, issued a declaration that promised liberty to the slaves and servants who were willing to join his Loyalist Ethiopian Regiment. References Top of Form Clark, R. W. (2004). Benjamin Franklin: A biography. Edison, NJ: Castle Books.Bottom of Form Isaacson, Walter. (2004). Benjamin Frankline: An American Life. NY:...
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...print shop in Boston. He realized that in order to become successful he had to work hard and, first of all, learn hard, so he started self education, learning different languages and scientific subjects. Thus he managed to learn Latin, Italian, Spanish, and French; moreover, he learned some of physics, biology, and chemistry all by himself. When his brother refused to hire Benjamin as a correspondent in his own news paper The New England Courant, Franklin adopted the pseudonym Mrs. Silence Dogood, and “her” 14 imaginative and witty letters were published in his brother’s newspaper, which the readers of the news paper liked a lot (“Benjamin Franklin...
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