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Christianity and Islam - Research Paper Example

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They share traditional and historical connections, with some diversity in their theological differences. However, the two religions share the same origin, which can be trace back to the Middle East. Christianity can be traced…
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"Christianity and Islam"

Download file to see previous pages The Catholic Church, the Coptic Church, the Orthodox Churches, the Protestant Churches, and other small denominations signify modern Christianity (Miner et al., 2014).
The emergence of the Christianity on the Roman Empire was marked in Jerusalem during the 1st Century AD. The fall of the Empire resulted to the emergence of Christianity. The birth of Christianity in the Roman Empire is more often link to the conversion of the Constantine, which led to a different perception of Christianity. Word has it that, Christs vision appeared to the Constantine on the battle’s eve that eventually led to the Constantine winning the battle, hence made him convert the Empire to Christianity something that marked the emergence and spread of Christianity in the entire world by the time the Roman Empire fell. Therefore, since then the religion has spread globally and, it is believed it is one of the largest religions globally.
Christianity appealed to many people after the fall of the Roman Empire because of the inequality that was exhibited by the Roman Empire (segregation); hence, Christianity offered mutual social support to its members, hence attracting many people. Therefore, many people adopted Christianity because they felt oppressed by the Roman Empire. In addition, many people from diverse backgrounds and regions viewed Christianity as a uniting religion and hence so the need to adopt Christianity (, n.d.).
Islam came into existence in the 622 CE by Mohammed, a renowned prophet of the Medina. Muslims view Islam as something that has been there since the times of prophets such as David, Moses, Abraham, and Jesus (Levenson, 2012). The two main sacred texts used by Islam are Quran and Hadith. The five pillars of Islam are reciting of the Shahadah at least once a day, performing of the prayer five times a day while facing Mecca, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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