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Zeus - Essay Example

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He did not create the gods but he was considered their father in sense of being the ruler and their protector of the Olympian family as well as the human race. He is the rain god, the lord of the…
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Download file to see previous pages... Zeus’s most ancient shrine is located at Olympia. This shrine is known for its oracles. It is the place where people celebrated the Olympic Games every four years, in his honor. The Nemean games that are held at Nemea are also dedicated to him.
Hesiod does not represent Zeus as it is in the Greek mythology. According to Hesiod he is the son of Cronus. He is the sponsor of justice and the one who has crushed the titans and has successfully imposed new laws and order on the earth. While according to Aeschylus, Zeus is on the business to impose change and give the full responsibility in the hand of the men. Whereas according to Ovid Zeus he was the one who introduced seasons so that men may learn art and agriculture.
Hera has been represented the goddess of feminism by many mythologists. She is the typical representation of womanhood as she represents that what exactly happens to women in the world where her powers are not being appreciated. A world where men want to be authoritative; however if women act the same way they are called greedy. She was represented in this way so that a link can be drawn between her and the suffering of the women today(HERA: Great Mother Goddess).
Zeus’s rule is represented by Hesiod as both legislative and cosmic; however as long as he remains legislative his rule may be limited cosmically only for the human beings. The rule of Zeus was more of human than cosmic and therefore it failed to meet the cosmic demand. He used his power to threaten the people and other powerful beings. He was the god of the skies and had his control over the thunder. His short tempered nature has often forced him to use his power for destructive purposes. His enormous power and his control on the sky was the threat in itself for his enemies; however Zeus himself is seen breaking the conventional laws at times(Clay).
Zeus is a supreme God, he mates with a number of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyze the relationship of three heroes to their gods: Odysseus and Athena, Oedipus and Apollo, and Antigone with the Zeus
For example, in the beginning of the poem we see her begging her father Zeus to let her help him so he can return safely to his family. She even helps Odysseus to change his appearance so that the princess Nausikka will be sure to aid him in reaching home.
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The renowned monuments and artifacts of these civilizations provide a variety of evidence in order to reconstruct the history of the ancient civilizations, cultures, and the classical world. Thus, the statue of Zeus, one of the most famous statues in Greek culture, reveals various essential aspects of the classical world and culture of Greece and the wide variety of evidences offered by the statue is valuable to reconstruct the history of Greece to the current generation.
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To have absolute power is to master the circumstance and all it encompasses. Zeus, the recently appointed God of all Gods, reigns supreme over the lands of man and is quick to punish those who defy him. Prometheus, God of forethought, denied that Zeus held an absolute power because he envisioned the overthrowing of the God.
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