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The British involvement in the trade of slaves - Essay Example

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The British involvement in the trade of slaves was considered to have occurred for over 2000 years. In the beginning, the first slave traders were ignorant and did not fetch good prices from the trade. As years went by, the trade continued fetching fancier prices hence expanding to various British colonies. …
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The British involvement in the trade of slaves
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"The British involvement in the trade of slaves"

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Various British colonies include the thirteen states of the United States of America that were mainly on the eastern side, Canada, India, Eastern Africa, South Africa, and Australia. All this different colonies had a contribution to make in the development of slavery. Some colonies were the source of the slaves, while others especially in the areas that had major industrial revolution were the destinations of the slaves. An analysis of the participation of different British colonies reveals how they participated in the development of slavery and how they affected its development.
Britain had thirteen colonies in the North America regions that contributed a lot to the development of slavery. This States included Virginia, Massachusetts, Carolinas, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, to mention but a few. This is because the economies of these states were majorly dependent on slavery as a way to get cheap labor to work in the vast plantations of tobacco and cotton. The growth of tobacco had become family based, making the demand of slaves to increase since each homestead that planted tobacco required slaves. Industrialization was also expanding in the thirteen British colonies in the Northern side of America.
This influenced the need of more slaves for the purpose of performing the hard labor of constructing the factories and working in the harsh conditions of the factories. One thing that was true about slavery in the British colonies within America is that it had a racial trait attached to it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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