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History Matrix - Coursework Example

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Additionally, they both had writing, cities, code of laws, art, religion, music, high living standards, meticulous record…
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History Matrix
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"History Matrix"

Download file to see previous pages The Mesopotamians were commoners who never lived within their citadels walls which were protective. They were always subjected to raids by roaming armies making the are unsafe. Additionally, the Mesopotamians believed the world was more like a prison to them especially with their continuous suffering. Unlike their counterparts, the Egyptians had a stable lifestyle and viewed the world positively.
One major difference between Mesopotamian and the Egyptian religions was the regional quality or rather the local of the latter. Another distinction that existed between the two was their hierarchical division with the Mesopotamian deities, with water, earth and four gods of heaven (Dudley, 1973).
Generally, there are various factors, which played a key role in influencing Egyptians and Mesopotamians civilizations in developing their worldviews. Most of the factors in this case were influenced by the cultures, religion and the lifestyle of the two civilizations.
Generally, geography played a key role in differentiating the Mycenaean and the Minoan civilizations. In Mycenaean and Minoan case, geography dealt with interaction and location. Therefore, the Minoan civilization collapsed after the eruption of Thira/Santorini island volcano after which the Mycenaeans took over the military. The Mycenaean civilization tended to fall with the movement of a different bellicose group of people hence making the civilizations different and in this case the Dorian. In simple terms, the geography of their areas ensured that their civilizations were different in terms of their culture and day to day life (Nilsson, 1972).
Generally, the Achaeans or rather the Indo-European people tended to adopt and develop on the Minoan civilization achievements. Alternatively, the Achaean artisans tended to adopt the Minoan civilization design on jewelry, tools and pottery. On the other hand, the Archaic Greece also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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History Matrix Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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