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Latin American Civilization - Essay Example

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It is known as the labour day that is celebrated on May 1 across the world. It was also the day when former Argentina president Juan Peron was released from the prison during the military era.The May Day became popular during Juan…
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Latin American Civilization
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"Latin American Civilization"

Download file to see previous pages Indeed, the female workers were never allowed to get established. Since Peron was elected in a constitution manner, he wanted to make himself popular by giving some rights to the workers and other social groups in the country.1
During Peron’s presidency, he wanted to deal with the issue of giving hope to the lower class people by giving them a better understanding and pacifying them by offering them some rights that could calm their demand. Therefore, this was in line in making sure that there were no controversies between his government and the workers. Analysts argue that the authoritarian was the best action that the president could have taken as a means of taking care of the needs of the lower class, but the president had some better ideas than that.2
Before his election to the presidency, the laws and democratic rights that were well outlined in the constitution were not practiced in the ground. When he took the presidency, he ensured that he improved the peoples’ standards of living by ignoring the constitution and offering the workers some better schemes that benefited them. He is said to use coercion and repression to achieve his goals. It was affected in such a way that every social service that was given to the society by the government to the people had a string attached to it. Therefore, every service that was given to the society could give back some benefit to the government. For example, the Peron’s foundation FEP that the government established was purposely aimed at abolishing the social charities that had been established by individuals. In their place, social aid was given to the society through the FEP. The major purpose was to create a wider social base that could come to the support of the president.3
Peron also wanted to support from both genders in the population. Before his release and election to the presidency, women were never allowed to participate in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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