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Importance of Colonial Newspapers during Revolutionary War - Research Paper Example

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The paper primarily intends to provide a brief account on newspapers role as a communication tool for colonists. In addition, Benjamin Franklin’s connection with…
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Importance of Colonial Newspapers during Revolutionary War
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"Importance of Colonial Newspapers during Revolutionary War"

Download file to see previous pages John Adams, the US president during late 17th century stated that mechanism such as newspaper and pamphlets drove the willingness of Americans to revolutionize and brought together the perception of people, which eventually made America an independent nation. Colonists used the newspapers as an effective tool of communication during the 17th century in order to ensure that printed and handwritten materials were exchanged among thirteen colonies. This in turn played a huge role in creating unity among the colonies, which thereby led to its national independence. In fact, the communication tool was so effective that numerous towns and cities in the US used printed materials and newspapers to declare its nation’s independence. It will be worth mentioning that, revolution in the US would not have transpired in the 17th century if newspapers, mail and other communication were not introduced by people in the US. This is because these tools were effective for colonists in exchanging views among people in various colonies that instigated mutual cooperation and understanding. Therefore, colonists through the use of newspapers increased the extent of conversation amid colonies that led to its unification1.
During the colonial American period, it was a mandate for newspaper printers to be authors so that they could indulge into printing activities. Benjamin Franklin started writing articles under James Franklin’s newspaper publishing company ‘The New England Courant’. Benjamin Franklin wrote letters during night time as an imaginary widow known as ‘Silence Dogood’2 to hide his identity from his brother. In the year 1729, Benjamin Franklin purchased the ‘Pennsylvania Gazette’ and started publishing newspapers on his own. Subsequently, Franklin’s newspaper became highly successful in various colonies, which played a huge role in initiating revolution in America. Franklin was a writer as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Importance of Colonial Newspapers During Revolutionary War Research Paper.
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