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In order to do so adequately, the discussion will take on a broad approach to the subject and explore the manner in which different economies across the world performed…
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After WW2
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Download file to see previous pages l than other western powers and so it was but natural that a mixed economy should emerge from the process of rapid development that the Second World War had necessitated.
Following the Second World War, nearly every country in the world realized the value of development and began engaging in measures to recover damages and accelerate growth. However, countries in regions like Africa, Latin America and Asia were severely crippled as the war had depleted many of their already limited resources, and the geo-political scenario in these countries was significantly volatile at the time. As a result, it took countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia far more time to get on their feet than it did for countries in developed regions.
For Africa, the Second World War was a message that freedom was a reality that could be acquired and that colonial rule could indeed be abolished to make way for self-government. However, since multiple countries had dominance over different colonies in Africa, it took some time for Africa to acquire complete freedom. Colonists who wanted to sustain control over their Colonies in Africa sought to highlight the positive impact of their rule by establishing schools, hospitals and other public structures in the regions. In contrast, others who believed that it was time to allow Africa to spread its wings promoted the Westminster model.
Countries in the Latin American region were in a very bad state after the Second World War came to an end. There was far too much political instability in countries like Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil to move forward. Shaking off the rubble from the Second World War would take a few decades. In fact, look at history shows that Latin American economies were not able to truly recover from the impact of the Second World War until the US began to take an active interest (and inject assistance) in the Latin American economy around, during and after the Cold War.
Japans presence in the Asian region made it difficult ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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