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Operation Menu - a covert bombing conducted in eastern Cambodia - Research Paper Example

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During this war, the US Air force bombed over six regions in Cambodia, all which are approximated to have had a population of over 4200 civilians. The US…
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Operation Menu - a covert bombing conducted in eastern Cambodia
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"Operation Menu - a covert bombing conducted in eastern Cambodia"

Download file to see previous pages In my own opinion, I feel that this was a show of the US government’s unwillingness to accept diplomacy in conflict resolution.
According to the VVAW (Para. 1), the Cambodia bombing continued despite a peace treaty “bombing halt” that required that the US stop its attack in Indo-China. The US launched over 500 thousand tons of bombs. The main targets of the bombs were the people’s army of Vietnam (PAVN) and forces of the Viet Cong and their air bases that were used to as the supply and training areas. The US persisted bombing despite the countries uncooperativeness to the diplomatic missions launched to end their conflict with Vietnam. According toTucker (740), this was a war whose intentions were personal and did not rhyme with the international strategies of resolving conflicts. This is the reason why the US kept the mission secret because they did not have any good reason to attack this country. From a critic’s point of view, Tucker states that the US government was undiplomatic in launching such a covert attack against Cambodia at a time when there was hope for a peaceful resolution.
Other scholars have provided that the US president Nixon depicted the highest level of imperialism in their attack of the Cambodia. Owen and Kiernan (1) focused on the revelation of the Cambodia bomb attack after Bill Clinton, the US president released information that the US had concealed about the bombing. The purpose of Bill Clinton was to show the US’s accountability and its commitment to establish honesty in its history. From this report, it is clear that the magnitude of the bomb attack was much higher than what the people had approximated. It also reveals that most of the bomb targets were unclear and they remained undocumented even after the covert war. However, it is clear that there was catastrophic damage and the civilians in Cambodia suffered a great deal during this attack. According to Owen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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