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How drug use in the 60's and 70's affected society - then and now - Research Paper Example

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Drug use has been part of life in the United States since the 60’s. Some people use drugs for the right purpose such as medical purposes while others use drugs as a way to…
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How drug use in the 60s and 70s affected society - then and now
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"How drug use in the 60's and 70's affected society - then and now"

Download file to see previous pages Alcohol has been abused since the 60’s and has left a number of family devastated, as the families’ sole bread winners abuse the drug which may eventually lead to their deaths or insanity (Teff. 1975). The economy was affected as abled body people who could improve the economy became victims of drug abuse. Today, alcohol is also being abused and has devastating effects on the society ranging from road accidents as a result of heavy drinking to murder and suicidal cases in families (Abraham. 1988).
Alcohol is not the only drug that has been abused; we have many cases of bhang and nicotine illegal drug use. In fact in the 60’s, cocaine was highly abused as there was no proper way to curb its use (Avraham. 1988). In the 60’s illegal drug abuse was on its optimum among sports men and sports women, as well as musicians and top celebrities; here athletes and musicians used to take performance enhancing drugs so as to boost their performance and confidence respectively.
Drug use among adolescents was and is still a nightmare in our societies for a number of reasons. Adolescents today, who are basically involved in illicit drug use, are simply separating themselves from the normality of society as a way of ‘liberation (Teff. 1975). This has tremendous effects on America societies, as these kids end up joining gangs, partaking in crimes and terrorizing American societies. This was also the case in the 60’s where adolescents who engaged in drugs were a complete nightmare to societies as they were the pillar of almost all crimes. Many dropped out of school leaving their parents devastated.
Drug misuse also affected both societies by introducing and expanding prostitution. Many of those practicing prostitution in today societies are basically youths who run away from home as a result of drug abuse. This is a disgrace to society and a country as a whole as it lacks morality. In the 60’s prostitution too ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How Drug Use in the 60's and 70'S Affected Society - Then and Now Research Paper)
How Drug Use in the 60's and 70'S Affected Society - Then and Now Research Paper.
“How Drug Use in the 60's and 70'S Affected Society - Then and Now Research Paper”, n.d.
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