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From American perspective was our involvement in World War I justified Ultimately was the War to End All Wars a warof choice: or a war of necessity for the United states - Essay Example

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Whether it was a necessity for the United States to be involved intertwines both the international and local aggravation. Though our views vary about the issue, it is clear…
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From American perspective was our involvement in World War I justified Ultimately was the War to End All Wars a warof choice: or a war of necessity for the United states
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"From American perspective was our involvement in World War I justified Ultimately was the War to End All Wars a warof choice: or a war of necessity for the United states"

Download file to see previous pages The German-Austria was on its realm of acquiring Africa. The civilians of the European nations were at risk of contemporary suffering. Think of the Germans civilians who were dying of starvation, “the Belgium rape and understand that there was a culminated catastrophe towards humanity” (Brose 117). This led to a dilemma of whether to deprive the Germans food. Without proper calculation, the German civilians started facing starvation. Wilson expected Americans to be “trustees of the moral judgment of the world” and a nation that other nations looked to “to keep even the balance of the whole world’s thought” (Karis 12). It remained a necessity for the United States to intervene and bring sanity to the whole situation. The US was to end the Belgium atrocities, and allow the German civilians to access food. Therefore, the United States was justified to enter the World War 1.
It is absurd to believe that a country can run on its own without international relationship. The political renditions at that time were aimed at establishing a strong foothold that would oversee the future of the whole world. The Germans were trying to cause unrest in Mexico. The interception of the Zimmerman letters by the British intelligence on compel by Germany to wage war against USA was an outstanding shift of events. This was not propaganda or an ill-fated scam. This leaves us with the most astounding questions that require proportionally astounding answers. The US felt the need to act on the intelligence, and guarantee safety to its citizens. The USA felt the obligation to help the allies to alleviate such occurrences. It also enabled the United States to have ties with the other European counterparts. This is a clear indication that it was a necessity to create an international relationship and political support.
The spending spree on the war was far too much, according to many people. As at the moment, it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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From American Perspective Was Our Involvement in World War I Justified Essay.
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