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The Evolution of Industrialization, from the Putting Out System to the Factory System - Essay Example

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Industries have seen many changes throughout the years and the major cause of this change is the development and increase in labor and resources used to complete various industrial processes. Initially, the type of systems used to run the industries greatly differed to the one…
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The Evolution of Industrialization, from the Putting Out System to the Factory System
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"The Evolution of Industrialization, from the Putting Out System to the Factory System"

Download file to see previous pages Through this method of working, the owner of the industry would assign a particular contractor and make him chief. After hiring the chief contractor, the new contractor would in turn focus on the group and pick out several other junior contractors each with a particular task that they would later on combine to see to the completion of the project (Meyer, 2012). Through this method, the junior contractors and their team members were free to hold their meetings anywhere even if it meant leaving the site. This is why this system was referred to as “putting out” because the rich employers would just putting out commodities to the workers who worked in their homes and these would putting out to other junior workers.
Through this system, the customer had a very large role to play as the chief contractor would not commence work without ensuring that he had everything he needed from the customer. It was the customer’s duty to purchase some of the important stuff for the contractor to engage his men and come up with a desirable product. The putting out system was very effective during the beginning of the industrial revolution.
Through this putting out system, British soldiers got their firearms by contacting various contractors in the London area. These contractors would consequently seek people that new internal areas in the city where they would get firearms. Through this, every person in the chain got some commission. However, there are cases that the contractors sent showed greed and could even attempt escaping with the money. The soldiers were bright and they would eventually catch up to them. The cottage industry is another one that prevailed effectively during this period. This was a less complicated section of the industry in that the customers knew the exact residence of the spinners. With this information, they would go, leave details and then visit after several weeks or days depending on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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