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The New Freedom, Chapter one The Older Changeth, Chapter VIII, Monopoly, Or Opportunity - Essay Example

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He was once the president of Princeton University and thereafter the governor of New Jersey. In the year 1912 he was fighting for change that he termed to be New Freedom.
These were the problems encountered during…
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The New Freedom, Chapter one The Older Changeth, Chapter VIII, Monopoly, Or Opportunity
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"The New Freedom, Chapter one The Older Changeth, Chapter VIII, Monopoly, Or Opportunity"

Download file to see previous pages The other problem that comes in is lack of proper human relations. (Wilson 2). You will find that that the rule that governs us is at some point unrealistic since like for instance when workers are subjected to poor working conditions and in the process injuries occur the employee is not compensated since it is believed that the order did not come from the owners of the organization since it came from the minor supervisor. I term this to be negligence of the highest order. In this case the best thing that the government should do is to revise the constitution and amend such clauses in order to stabilize the situation and build a better working nation.
The laws have also changed the system in a bigger way and the relations of the employer and the employee has become very hard to handle. Having a good relationship from the major stakeholders of an organization helps so much since the corporation between the employer and the employee gets better hence making the working conditions of the employer get easier and hence increasing the output. The best solution to such a problem is not changing the individual but by changing the whole system (Wilson 15).
 President Wilson says that for those less privileged with less capital find it very difficult to catch up with the economy since they cannot be able to compete with the big investors. The reason behind this is because the laws that govern us do not fight for the less privileged this will lead to only the usual great investors will dominate the economy. The middle class is affected by the process of prosperity which is not originating (Wilson 26).
The modern trust comes in with monopolies and they have come up through the enlargement of business conditions in the United States. The trusts were not developed in the past and they are being used in the modern industries. Trust is formed when people do their best to promote it. It is well known that the lawyers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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