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Bill had graduated from Dickinson College in 1971 and was contacted by the search committee of the same college in 1998 to be its 27th president. Though not initially interested as he was occupying other positions he found rewarding and challenging, he agreed to take…
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Dickinson College: Inspiration for a Leadership Story
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"Dickinson College: Inspiration for a Leadership Story"

Download file to see previous pages nt hard transitioning the college in line with Rush’s ambitions for the college.Dickinson was founded by John Dickinson and Benjamin Rush with the latter wielding more influence than the former through his writings. Through a history of frustrations and embarrassments, Dickinson College finally came into the hands of the one person who held the same goals as the father founders; William Durden Bill. Ambitious and with a strong sense of purpose, Durden is just the right person at the right time for the college.
Every organization has an identity most likely relating to the founding fathers. In this sense, therefore, the given organization aligns its activities to the founding principles. The founding individuals influence the organization through their ideas. These ideas are basically the identity they portray to the world. Their influence is either direct or indirect. This means that the organization shall be related to the identity created by these individuals. If, for example, the founding individuals are forgotten, their principles stay on to influence the general organization. This is the importance of an identity story. Its other importance is keeping the organization focused. In this way, the principles of the story created by the founding individuals serve as the guide towards attainment of all goals of the organization. The future of the organizations is, to a large extent, determined by the identity given to it by the leaders who have over time exercised their influence on the same firm. With leaders differing in the forms of influence they have over organizations, it is only sensible to have an identity that shall keep the organization in question focused.
Crafting an effective identity story is a very difficult task given that the world is a dynamic place where challenges arise every once in a while. In this sense, the creation of an effective identity story therefore has to be all-encompassing to have a lasting effect on the organizations under ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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