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Blood Diamonds caused deadly conflicts, with millions killed, huge western profits, and promots child soldiers and slavery - Research Paper Example

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Blood diamonds can simply be used to refer to diamond mined in a country or region inclined in war and are sold to fund an insurgency, a warlord’s operation, or an attacking army’s war attempts at the cost of millions of death, child slavery, child soldiers, or labor. For…
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Blood Diamonds caused deadly conflicts, with millions killed, huge western profits, and promots child soldiers and slavery
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Extract of sample "Blood Diamonds caused deadly conflicts, with millions killed, huge western profits, and promots child soldiers and slavery"

Download file to see previous pages This can be attributed to a case in 2011 where Belgium mining marketing city; Antwerp was accused of continuing to buy diamonds accrued from rebel National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) (Bieri, 2013). Nations like Canada and Great Britain have been accused as some of the beneficiaries of the unlawful UNITA diamond selling. In short, diamonds from Africa are worth so much profits, wealth that ends up in Europe, White population of South Africa, the U.S, and Israel. On the other hand, African people labor in the mines under slavery conditions for small profits and have no control over these diamonds.
Some time ago, the public began to become alert that large numbers of diamonds are excavated in vehement and cruel settings. Consumers are now calling on, with ever bigger earnestness, that their diamonds be free from killing and human rights violation. So far, however, the diamond industry’s reaction has been sadly insufficient. Diamonds with fierce histories are still being excavated and permitted to enter the diamond stream, where they become unnoticed from other stones. Abuse, human rights violation, and other prejudices remain an everyday feature of diamond mining (Mapp, 2011)
In few years ago, some African countries have borne inhuman civil disagreements articulated by diamonds: the Republic of Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Angola. Diamonds build up civil wars by supporting militaries and rebellious guerrillas. These groups also combat with each other to regulate diamond-rich region. The sad outcome is killing, and shocking human rights mistreatments (rape to the use of child soldiers) (Rosen, 2012).
Diamonds that promotes civil wars are often referred to as blood or conflict diamonds. Even if many diamond generated wars have now ended, blood diamonds continue to be a serious issue. Civil clashes in the DRC continue to this date. So far, the fighting in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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