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Why the American Civil Rights Movement was more successful than movements for foreigners rights in Japan have been (at least so far) - Essay Example

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The locals whom they found discriminated them along tribal and social lines particularly African migrants. After sometime while still being oppressed, these immigrants…
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Why the American Civil Rights Movement was more successful than movements for foreigners rights in Japan have been (at least so far)
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"Why the American Civil Rights Movement was more successful than movements for foreigners rights in Japan have been (at least so far)"

Download file to see previous pages In the U.S, the major social movement was the African-American Civil Rights movement whose main goal was to bring an end to discrimination and racial segregation to the Africans living in the country. The movement heavily campaigned on civil resistance by arranging civil disobedience and non-violence protests, which would lead to crisis all over the country. Industrial boycott was the mostly used as it negatively affected the country’s economic activities as almost all Africans worked as factory workers all over the entire country. Their efforts were rewarded when the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed (DAngelo, 2001). The Act banned any form of discrimination based on a person’s religion, color, sex, race and national origin in employment and public interaction. Another enactment that was pushed by the movement was the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which stated the voting rights of migrants to the U.S and protecting these rights. The foreigner rights movement in Japan fought for the few migrants to the country who were subjects to discrimination, harsh treatment by the authorities and racial discrimination. The movement arranged protests and boycott but only a few people came out to fight for their rights. The movement did not have the numbers to push for an end of the oppression foreigners were going through.
Another reason why the foreigner rights movements in Japan failed to be successful was the lack of major legislative processes that would lead to the enactment of Acts that would help fight for their rights. The political opportunity and framing theory of social movement clearly explains why the movement in the U.S became successful and contributed to the passage of major bills, which resulted to the end of migrant oppression in the country as compared to the foreigner movement in Japan (Tsuda, 2006).
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Why the American Civil Rights Movement Was More Successful Than Essay.
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