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The importance of worldviews in determining national interests - Assignment Example

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A country’s national interest matters a great deal because every country is determined to safeguard the interests of its citizen, economy and…
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The importance of worldviews in determining national interests
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"The importance of worldviews in determining national interests"

Download file to see previous pages The worldview can further be explained at a realist point of view and in this case the realists are arms advocates. Realism relies on the concept of balance of power to generate a theory or hypothesis concerning international stability and the likelihood of war and battles between states. On the contrary, the balance of power solely depends on a common foundation for power in which all dimensions can be coherently aggregated. Arms advocates believe that attaining the national interests on the basis of the worldviews is achieved through the use of weapons. That implies going to wars rather than choosing other ways such as diplomacy and negotiations to safeguard their interests (Findlay 2013).
On the other hand, the worldviews can be achieved through liberalism policies basically arms control advocates. Liberalism is concerned with the restoration of peace as opposed to war. Therefore, arms control advocates postulate that the national interests can be achieved through peaceful negotiations and diplomacy, which in turn leads to treaties with mutual benefits between states. It is a good approach because it avoids war and vast destruction of property and economic downturns. However, at times it is difficult to achieve when different states have deferring ideologies (Findlay 2013). On the other hand, there exists disarmament advocates that state that nations should disarm for instance, deter themselves from embarking on nuclear weapons programs. Basically, most countries believe that they should have an arsenal of weapons to achieve national interests and the worldviews but disarmament advocates believe otherwise. However, disarmament could be a good approach if and only if every state would implement the exercise without raising false alarms yet they retain weapons. Disarmament could lead to attaining the worldviews while attaining national ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Importance of Worldviews in Determining National Interests Assignment)
The Importance of Worldviews in Determining National Interests Assignment.
“The Importance of Worldviews in Determining National Interests Assignment”, n.d.
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