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The literature has been widely credited by the upcoming second wave of feminism in the US. Friedman conducted a survey of her former classmates in Smith College during the reunion of the 15th anniversary…
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Download file to see previous pages After finding the data, Friedman experienced difficulties in publishing her articles, books and magazines on the topic due to its sensitivity. Later on, she managed to publish a book in 1963. In the introduction part of the literature, Friedman calls the problem nameless. She goes further to describe the unhappiness women were going through in the 1950s and 1960s (Coontz, 2011). Friedman has discussed the lives of several housewives in US, and how dissatisfied they were as housewives despite having husbands and children and the material comfort provided by their husbands.
According to Friedman, the average marriage age was going down as the birthrates were going up during the 1950s. Women were persistently unhappy in marriage despite the fact that the American culture firmly held the view that women could only meet their fulfillment in housewifery and marriage (Coontz, 2011). Friedman decided not to ignore the voice within the American women, which insisted that they needed more than a home, husband, and children.
The Feminine Mystique further insists that editorial decisions made in periodicals about women are made by men. Men could fake stories like women are satisfied by their housewifery positions, and that they are neurotic careerists to create “feminine mystique.” Feminine Mystique means that women are naturally satisfied of their housewifery roles. This fact contrasts the 1930 literature, which featured independent and self driven heroines who were career women (Coontz, 2011). Friedman recalls her decision of abandoning her career to raise children in conformation to societal expectations. The trend was the same because women were abandoning careers and studies to get married and raise children. There was fear that waiting for too long before getting married would scare potential husbands. Friedman has discussed how founders of feminism fought against the idea of confining women to housewifery. These feminists managed to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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IN ORDER INSTRUCTIONS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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