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Contrary to having excess of man power and material resources, the country was faced with a difficult situation. During the last five months of war, the United States…
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Download file to see previous pages In this regard, the Russian–American Cold War confrontation started with catastrophic effects. These included as included mass destructions and deaths (Carr 1946). After the end of the World War II, many Americans just wished their lives returned to normal. Consequently, there was a resumption of normal life precipitated by several amendments to the constitutions.Later, the creation of the strategy referred to as the containment life would eventually come resume its normal stature (Wynn 2010).
Before the World War the United States of America and the Soviet Union were politically on the same side. Consequently, both countries had survived previous scenarios of unrest which typified their political strength .In contrast, most of the Asian and European territories had been left in ruins. Incidentally though, it was during this very time that the strong relationship between the two superpowers fell into disagreement and consequently leading to the famous cold war. During that time, there were two secretaries of United States; Dean Acheson and George marshal; under the presidency of Harry Truman. They set out to protest and agitate against the spread of communism abroad. It was during this time that the Containment policy was born (Wynn 2010).
Differences in political view led to conflict between Hitler and the Grand Alliance (Wynn 2010). Thereafter, American critique adopted in response to Hitler’s aggression led to persuasion of a more aggressive policy that was directed towards Stalin and the Soviet Union. Incidentally, Kennanre identified this as a domestic weakness since it led the Soviet Union to step up foreign threats in order to increase their. More so, pressure against the governments in Turkey and in Greece by Leftist sympathizers gave Truman the perfect opportunity to implement the new policy and to thereafter convince the Americansof its wisdom. Truman demonstrated that acts of protecting Americans abroad were a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Containment policies
...? Containment policy According to Divine, Breen, Williams, Gross, and Brands, (23) define containment policy as an American foreign policy that was employed by Harry Truman’s administration in 1947. It was operating on the principle that the communist governments will in the long run disintegrate on condition that they are deterred from expanding their communist influence to other nations. The Divine et al. (28) outlined that it prevented the actions of Soviet Union of spreading of communism ideology and doctrines across Europe, China, Korea, and Vietnam. This policy was utilized to justify the US engagement in the Vietnamese war and Korean War. Containment policy was a component of cold...
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The accuracy of a historical source.The policy of containment as response to the postwar tensions between the US and the USSR
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