Compare and contrast conquest/colonization in new england virginia 1600s - Essay Example

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Virginia was among the first states that the Britons explored and began having interest with at the closure of the 16th century. On the other hand, trade in…
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Compare and contrast conquest/colonization in new england virginia 1600s
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"Compare and contrast conquest/colonization in new england virginia 1600s"

Download file to see previous pages Queen Elizabeth I gave him a charter to establish a colony in Virginia late in the 16th century. Later on, in 1606, the London Company was given a charter to own land in the area in the Virginia territory. The incorporation of the company and the subsequent operations in Virginia resulted to establishment of permanent settlements in Jamestown, which was named after King James I. Christopher Newport founded the town in 1607. The region did not lack its challenges, the Starving Time occurred in 1609 claiming many lives. In addition, there was conflict between the various groups that settled in this region. For example, the Indian Massacre made the colonists to perceive the area in a negative way. The Anglo-Powhatan wars also destabilized the peace in the region. There were many lives lost during this period.
The colonizers ad established residence in Virginia and had got used to the challenges in the region by 1624. At this time up to 3400 settlers had stabilized in Virginia. To complement their scheme of taking hold of the region, more people came in especially due to the demand for tobacco, which facilitated trade and farming in the region. The population exponentially increased especially after the headright system was established to find a solution to the labor problem that existed at the time. In 1619, workers were sought from Africa. Slave trade and slavery was to be introduced much later and was incorporated in the Virginia statutes in 1661. In 1667, there arose more conflicts between the ruling class and the workers resulting to the Bacon’s Rebellion. This resulted to the signing of the Middle plantation Treaty in 1677.
In contrast to Virginia, New England was under many companies. King James I issued a charter for Plymouth and London Companies to explore the New England territory; use it for income generating activities as they returned the profit to their home country. The exploration of New ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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