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Introduction to Indigenous Studies ( Reaction Paper) - Essay Example

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It is important to highlight that the selected chapters have selected themes that are actually going to be well illustrated in the paper. In chapter 5 of the book, it is…
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Introduction to Indigenous Studies ( Reaction Paper)
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"Introduction to Indigenous Studies ( Reaction Paper)"

Download file to see previous pages It is clearly evident that there was the struggle as well as the partition of the various countries. It is therefore important to note that this kind of activity therefore led to the various countries struggling to take control of the other country in the name of the captured states being colonies. It was therefore this reason that therefore led to the collision that was between the colonial governments as well as the local governments.
It is therefore important to note that this collision led to the countries engaging themselves in wars. It is therefore these factors that so led to the present states of the various nations. In this case therefore, the writer talks of the intergenerational trauma. Under this, it is important to highlight that the earlier generations underwent certain forms of violence s that they could have the freedom. It is his freedom that is enjoyed by the other persons in the various parts of the world that were colonized. It is important to note that these people who fought for the rights of the people, and also fought to have their country as they wanted.
The people were tortured in several ways by the colonialists and that they had no good form of treatment in the various places that they were taken to for the captivity. It is was therefore this reason that the families found it so sad to bear the torture that their people underwent in their captivity. In this, it is important to highlight that this kind of trauma that the people underwent in their areas of captivity was passed from generation to generation. This is in the sense that as it is said and biologically logical that a snake gives birth to a snake, the off springs of the people who were tortured and captured had to into the same ways that their parents went through and therefore were as well subjected to the same treatment.
They also wanted to fight or their freedom, in revenge for the acts that their parents went through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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