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Partisan Politics - Essay Example

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In the late eighteenth century parties developed gradually after the inauguration of the federal government in the United States which gave rise to persistent divisions among the officeholders. This was mainly because there were questions on the extent of the new government’s…
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Partisan Politics
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Download file to see previous pages This thereby led to the establishment of two different political factions the republicans and the federalists. The republicans were proponents of limiting the federal government powers and giving the state more authority thereby expanding popular participation in politics. The federalists on the other hand strongly supported the national government and international ties especially with Great Britain and pushed for more power to be handed to the federal government. This paper looks at the Federalists views and the main motivator or the reasons why the Federalists pushed for a central government in the United States.
The Federalist Party was supported mainly because of seven main issues which the party members deemed important for a great American nation. First there was the funding of the public debt which the Federalists saw necessary for the greater American nation. The Federalist asserted that the fund would help in times of public danger especially from foreign war and to increase the respectability of the American nation (Kincaid, 2011). The consolidated fund of the American nation would also promote trade and also agriculture and manufacturing. The economic advantages also included the lowered interest of money due to the huge pool of money thereby reducing the ratio. The Federalists argued that the public funding would not only benefit the American nation but also the states as the-y were also beneficiaries of the fund. The second aspect was the U.S relations with Great Britain and France who contributed hugely to the economy of United States (Sawyer, 1952). The taxation on imports and internal tax on some of the goods raised government revenue. It was therefore the responsibility of the national government to maintain ties with Great Britain and France who contributed largely to the economy of the United States and the Federalists were proponents of this platform. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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