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Some historians argue that the major social, economic and political problems of modern african nations are directly related to conditions created under european imperialism. to what extent is this assesment vaild - Essay Example

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Several European nations such as Britain, France and Germany colonized Africa for her raw materials and land that was fertile and…
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Some historians argue that the major social, economic and political problems of modern african nations are directly related to conditions created under european imperialism. to what extent is this assesment vaild
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"Some historians argue that the major social, economic and political problems of modern african nations are directly related to conditions created under european imperialism. to what extent is this assesment vaild"

Download file to see previous pages 800, the European nations controlled most of Africa but when they were eventually forced out, they left the social life, economic well-being and the governments of these nations in problems.
The Europeans ignored the social effects on the natives of Africa as they had partitioned Africa at the Berlin Conference without considering the input of the Africans (Page and Penny 479). The boundaries drawn by the Europeans cut across the already existing tribal boundaries and this brought together people who had at times been hostile to one another. After the liberation and attainment of independence by the many African colonies, these boundaries remained thus disrupting the traditional patterns of life. The native Africans were also subjected to humiliating treatment by the colonialists as some were killed through forced labor or slavery. The effect of this is that it split many families, ethnic groups as well as religious groupings with the effect being that there were chaos and confusion. The Europeans also imposed their religion on the Africans which was majorly Christian in total disregard of the usual African religions which led to anger and disappointment amongst the natives.
The political impacts of European imperialism has had the greatest effect on the Africans as the demarcation of the borders has led to several civil wars and strife which still occur within the colonized countries (Carter 143). The structured political system brought about by the Europeans gave rise to the idea of nationalism, which led to many wars and revolutions experienced in different parts of Africa. These wars and revolutions caused racial barriers and social distinctions amongst different communities that had occupied Africa prior to the European imperialism. The brutal nature of the European imperialists towards the African laborers as well as their ideas and concepts had many consequences as the Africans were made to work for the benefit of only the European industries.
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