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The House of Lords no longer has a useful role. To what extent do you agree - Essay Example

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The house handles various tasks such as the role of handling bills presented by delegates representing the United Kingdom. Evidence denotes that the roles of the House of Lords as it rest…
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The House of Lords no longer has a useful role. To what extent do you agree
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"The House of Lords no longer has a useful role. To what extent do you agree"

Download file to see previous pages Critically, it is knowledgeable that the House of Lords was the sovereign lawmaker in the English Monarch. However, the introduction of political bodies and the House of Commons has been wading off the chamber’s roles. For example, the House of Commons adapted the chamber’s role of implementing laws. At that point, the upper house was to amend bills passed by the members of the lower house. This indicates that the upper house was a recipient to lower house thus it would lack control over Great Britain’s political platform holding to the that the role of constitutional implementation belonged to a different chamber (Great Britain, 2007, p. 55). Arguably, this step rendered the House of Lords’ roles ineffective as the political platform would draw much attention among the population, and its roles would be of utmost effect to the UK society.
The continued development of the country’s political platform threatens to wade off the existence of House of Lords since the lower house, under the leadership of the Prime Minister continuously implements regulations that limit the capacity at which the chamber can pose any influences. Initially, the House of Lords comprised of over 680 members in the lords spiritual and lords temporal categories (Great Britain, 2012, p. 70). This number currently stands at 92 after the House of Commons implemented a commission to regulate the upper house’s membership.
Presumably, the reduced number translates to reducing roles as the political bodies have implemented other government offices to overtake those roles (Russell, 2013, p. 31). For example, the upper house was the official court of appeal until the formation of the Supreme Court in 2009. The upper house acted as the chamber of implementing the final judgement. This role limited the effect of democracy as the society’s view was not represented rather than that of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The House of Lords No Longer Has a Useful Role. To What Extent Do You Essay)
The House of Lords No Longer Has a Useful Role. To What Extent Do You Essay.
“The House of Lords No Longer Has a Useful Role. To What Extent Do You Essay”, n.d.
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