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To What Degree May We Argue That The Essential Elements of Contemporary Diplomacy Were Present in Ancient Times - Essay Example

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This is what has resulted into the current strong relations between different states in this era of 21st century. Diplomacy as a word is normally related to Greek, a term referring to a folded paper or…
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To What Degree May We Argue That The Essential Elements of Contemporary Diplomacy Were Present in Ancient Times
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"To What Degree May We Argue That The Essential Elements of Contemporary Diplomacy Were Present in Ancient Times"

Download file to see previous pages The diplomats are solely charged with the duty of issuing peace-making strategies, negotiating on wars, trade ties and the human rights protection. Diplomats normally negotiate the international treaties prior to the endorsement by the nation-wide politicians. Generally, diplomacy is then employment of various actions to gain a mutually acceptable mitigation to a common challenge between different states. This research paper explains the traces of the presence of diplomacy in the ancient times.
Indeed diplomacy existed among states in the ancient times. This is traced back in the emergence of the Hiberno-Roman relations agreements to solve issues arising between these two states1. This Hiberno-Roman relations specifically points out the ancient relationships tilted mainly towards economic and cultural ties between the Greece and her neighbouring states. This relationship was between the ancient Roman Empire and Ireland (Hibernia)2. This diplomatic relation lasted from the time of Julius Caesar until the beginning of the 5th century AD. This diplomatic relation was because of the fierce nature of the Ireland state by the Roman Empire. Ireland was the only nation of the Western Europe that was not ruled by the Rome. The diplomatic relation acquired in the Hiberno-Roman treaty greatly gained these two states. These agreements improved the commercial status of these two states. The cultural ties as well were improved between these states because of the cultural exchange that emerged because of this diplomatic treaty.
Another empirically based trace of ancient diplomacy is traced in the foreign relations in the imperial china and her neighbouring states. The imperial China state had a long tradition of foreign ties. This is well captured in the ancient times since the Qin dynasty to Qing dynasty respectively during this era3. The diplomatic relations emerged between china and her neighbouring states because of its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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