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Personal Liberties - Essay Example

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This essay describes liberty, from a philosophical view, allows a person to avoid non-conformity and exert their own free will in all areas of life. It is a type of self-determination and freedom that gives an individual a sense of independence and personal sovereignty…
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Personal Liberties
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"Personal Liberties"

Download file to see previous pages Between January 2013 and December 2013, a total of 92.3 billion pounds of food were wasted in the United States. It is due to the capitalistic system in which all aspects of lifestyle and society require access to currency in order to procure products and services. Without this access, an individual will be homeless, have nothing to eat, and generally be at risk of death without adequate access to important health-sustaining resources. Businesses in the capitalistic system consider all of their assets to be associated with a pricing structure and government provides regulatory and legislative support for this system which continues to contribute to higher starvation rates across the country. To simply enter a grocery outlet, fill a shopping cart, and subsequently push it out the door without providing payment is considered a criminal act in the capitalistic system. This thereby prevents people in American society without access to high volumes of currency from having any quality lifestyle as they have become, essentially, slaves to a system that favors the value of money over human life. I am supportive of a socialist system, one where resources are more fairly distributed to all members of society and where class divisions are broken down to provide equity in resource allocation. Even the ideological Communist system has merits in its doctrines as this type of system desires to completely abolish all forms of currency and return society back to a barter and trade type of system to ensure equity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Personal Liberties Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Personal Liberties Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Personal Liberties Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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...?Civil Liberties Civil liberties are not the same thing as civil rights. Civil rights are the rights of a citizen, but really expand and only deal with that of a political nature. Civil liberties expand throughout all aspects of life. They are much like the natural laws in that you have a right as human being to have free will, moral rights, and liberty. The United States incorporated this into the Constitution as the Bill of Rights. Brought forth by James Madison, the Bill of Rights composes the first ten amendments to the constitution. The Bill of Rights guarantees such freedoms such as the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to bear arms, right to due...
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...? Laws are enacted to ensure that there is harmony and security in the society. They provide mechanisms and procedures of administrating justice to those who break them as well as those who fall victims to the offenders. The police are the major custodians of these laws meaning that they have the responsibility and the mandate of ensuring they are followed and respected by all and sundry. It is due to this role that the police are accorded the powers of arresting and taking into custody those citizens whom they feel that they have reasonable grounds to warrant an arrest. It may be important to note that the arrested person is denied some of the fundamental rights such as the freedom of movement, freedom of association among others... but it...
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...Question The Patriot Act has put forward new limitations onto the knowledge and aspects that should be known by the general public. Because of the increasing terrorism all over the world the Act has been introduced to limit the activities of the terrorists. It is for this reason that government intercepts in many activities without warrants or information to the person involved. A question at this point is asked by many as to which information should be classified and which should not be? In such a world the limitations that are put on our rights have been argued by many. Classification of certain things for the safety of the whole society is important and the Patriot Act maintains this classification. Warrants and wire...
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...Civil Liberties Civil liberties are freedoms en d to the citizens of any country. Civil liberties are enshrined in the country’s constitution either by doing first amendments, legislation or by common law. In the United States of America, Civil Liberties allow citizens to think, speak their mind, assemble with any group of people, worship and subscribe to the religion of his or her choice freely with private or government interference. This paper will explore among other things, the benefits of civil liberties, police simulation programs and how the police are an essential in upholding, protecting and ensuring every citizen has equal access to civil...
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...). However, not all speech is protected as the speech that can cause harm or constitutes danger is discouraged. Speech that is likely to lead to evil or appears to be stating anything negative about a person is not encouraged. This therefore limits what the citizens can say in public (Schimdt 54). The presence of symbolic speech is common; hence, a particular group uses it in order to demonstrate a specific viewpoint. These symbolic speeches have been protected by the court, for instance burning of the draft cards or those of the American flag. Freedom of religion is another civil liberty in which the religion of an individual cannot be criticized without evidence. As for the congress, they are not...
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...? The Civil Rights Movement This was an era devoted to activities for equal treatment and rights of the African Americans residing in the United States. There were numerous demonstrations for social, cultural, political and legal changes to end segregation and prohibit discrimination. The Civil Rights Movement was significant to the United States history and the world because it ascertained that discrimination was unjust and was not going to be tolerated in the country. Elsewhere, it set as example for the oppressed people to fight for their rights. The movement led to the irresistible transformation of the American political, social, and cultural life. Amendments on the prevailing notions concerning the citizenship rights... The Civil Rights ...
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...States, due process tends to be applicable to corporations and United States citizens. There are several due process rights contained in the United States constitution. These rights include the right to personal privacy, right to life right to liberty, as well as right to own property. Procedural due process refers to an evaluation of the existing laws with the ultimate aim of assessing whether they are the best. Procedural law aims at ensuring that there is fair application of all laws to suit the diverse needs of citizens. Some of the rights should be revoked at times. For example, the right to privacy can be revoked when a person is viewed as a threat to the security and safety of...
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... Teacher’s ID Civil Liberties: Question 2 Freedom of speech acts as cornerstone of American constitution and society.It not only provides us liberty of expression but also acts as a preamble of personal privacy’s notion. However, there have been instances when the state itself deprived its citizens of these rights. Example of Imam Jamil Al-Amin is one such example of infringements of basic civil rights. Jamil Al-Amin is a dominant name in the history of African Americans and their struggle for civil rights. He was instructed by Supreme Court to put down his website after being convicted of murdering police officials (Salakhan n.p). Such measure was taken to ensure that opinions of judiciary were not influenced by external factors... of a...
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Civil Liberties
...of statutory duty in environmental law7. In judicial review proceedings applicants can claim against the non-compliance of an official act or piece of subordinate legislation with the Convention and they need not convince the court that a disputed decision was so irrational that no rational public authority could have taken it8 and it is sufficient for a personally affected applicant to indicate a breach of a Convention right. Hence, Strasbourg jurisprudence is influential, although not binding, on national courts. The Strasbourg Court's rulings on the legitimacy of any particular infringement influence the domestic courts' approach in this regard and provide non-binding guidance on the tests of necessity and...
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...or mercy killing violates the universal human rights declaration of 1948. The declaration that everyone has the right to liberty, life, as well as security is legally enshrined. The law prohibits the intentional taking of another person’s life, except when the court decision imposes the death penalty on the convicted criminal. The article ends emphasizing Euthanasia is allowed in certain cases. In addition, another article emphasized the United States constitution compulsorily states that everyone is entitled to own property, liberty, and life (Hamrick, 2013). One of the amendments that prioritize enforcement of the three rights is the 5th amendment. Another amendment is...
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