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The Efficiency of Any of the Revolutions - Essay Example

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The paper describes the major revolutions in the world. Research shows that the efficiency of any of the revolutions depended heavily upon the facts established in the former. For instance, the inventions in the scientific era yielded no fruits till later years in subsequent revolutions. …
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The Efficiency of Any of the Revolutions
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Download file to see previous pages Enlightened absolutism can be defined as a form of absolute monarchism surviving on the foundation of enlightenment ideas. The Russian empress, Catherine the Great, governed on the ideals of enlightenment philosophers by the names of Beccaria, Montesquieu, and de Gouges. She depicted the characters of a monarch by imprisoning many of her opponents, declined the principle of a social contract and facilitated religious tolerance by the advocacy of the Russian Orthodox Church to tolerate outsiders (Foran 23). Enlightenment could be termed as the world major intellectual revolution. It spread across boundaries but never affected all. People affected were primarily under monarchies, and thus those aristocrats were free from the effects of enlightenment. The aftereffects of enlightenment were both negative and positive. The positive ones included, advances in literacy levels among the citizenry and promoted open-mindedness in regard to intellectual matters. The people, however, fell into the trap of intellectual frauds. For instance, physiognomists claimed to be able to forecast psychological characteristics, people got themselves gullible to such quack fields of knowledge primarily based on superstition. Other major, effects of enlightenment include, the invention of that the earth revolves around the sun. This got studied, researched and proved by Nicolaus Copernicus. One major, success of enlightenment was laying the foundation for the formation and development of the world’s most democratic country, the United States of America. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essays Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 3.
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