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Atom bombs - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Atom bombs
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"Atom bombs"

Download file to see previous pages Historians and analysts have long wrestled over the controversial decision of President Truman to end the Second World War by dropping bombs in two Japanese cities. A decision which is taken for the self-interests of a nation or particularly for diplomatic reasons can never be justified. The decision to drop nuclear bombs in these cities was a result was political, military and social incentives as historians argue. It has been argues that the opportunity cost of not deciding to destroy the two cities were not a million lives but around 20000 to 46000 lives.
The figures have been inflated in self-defense by most of analysts who justify war in the light of O’Brien’s theory. A question which looms large over the heads of other historians is of the reason why invasion of Japan was not considered by Truman and his associates. One of the reasons Truman wanted to blast the bomb was that he sought to impress the Soviet Union and gain superiority over it. Despite knowing that Japan’s collapse was inevitable, the United States wanted an urgent surrender.
On a racial basis, the enmity between Japanese and Americans can be traced back into history. Japanese were characterized as ‘cruel superhumans’ to ‘demons and beasts’. John Dower has done extensive work on the racial perspectives of Second World War and the decision to explode the city. The attack with a bomb was indeed not mandatory to drop to win the Pacific War; unfortunately it was purely a testing of uranium and plutonium bombs (Oh, 2002).
Akihira Takahashi, a survivor from 1945, narrated his viewpoint on the bombing. He was 14 when the sad demise of the cities took place. He built his viewpoint over the fact that it was the first time in mankind’s history that a nuclear/radiation weapon had been used to literally evacuate a city out of political and military reasons. Firebombing had been occurring, but Takahashi agitatedly states that Hiroshima was finished by an atomic bomb.
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