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Early Civilizations - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes Early Civilizations. The Hittites and the Egyptians were among the earliest civilizations in the history of men. The two had effectively coordinated kingdoms and government, which run the affairs of their territories. The Egyptian empire covered the modern day Egypt…
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Early Civilizations
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"Early Civilizations"

Download file to see previous pages The discovery of the Armana letters, a group of more than one thousand letters in the capital of the Egyptian empire, Akhenaten had great significance in the study of the early Egyptian civilization. The letters written by the Egyptian pharaohs were addressed to the leaders of the Hittite state while others were from the Hittites to the Egyptians thereby providing adequate evidence that despite the rudimentary form of life in the period, the two had effective modes of communication and had often interacted diplomatically. The letters proved that indeed, the earlier civilizations had effective archiving technologies capable of protecting their important documents for generations. Additionally, the discovery of the letters corroborated the existence of the arts at that time. It was artistic for the people to make inscriptions on stone tablets thereby serving as their letters and an effective mode of communication.
Egypt, Syria, Babylon and also Hittite were among the earliest empires and kingdoms in the world. While the first three had direct archeological evidence to prove their existence, the Hittite kingdom was discovered much later owing to the fact that they latter disintegrated into smaller Neo-Hittite states following a number of inversions of their kingdom. However, their discovery resulted from the discovery of the cuneiform texts around their capital in Hati. The Lords of the Hattusha were the rulers of the Hittite empire. They made important decisions concerning war and imposed taxes on their people. The Hittites had horses and created chariots which aided their military transportation. The Hittite won a number of battles especially under the leadership of the Suppiluliuma. The people innovatively made their chariots to resemble the Egyptian chariots only that they were smaller and therefore capable of moving faster than the Egyptian chariots, which besides their huge sizes had decorations most of which burdened their horses thereby slowing them down. The truce implied that each side accepted the terms negotiated for peace. However, the letters and cuneiform texts proved that both sides claimed victory; a political moved aimed at uniting the people of the different kingdoms under their respective leaderships.
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(Early Civilizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 70)
Early Civilizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 70.
“Early Civilizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 70”, n.d.
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