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The assumptions, which were made by the Helena Daily Herald about the Native American fighters, were that the war remains the most known in U.S and the most challenging. Custer was among people had awful luck, overwhelmed by the superior figures concluded by his own fault…
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Newspaper article The assumptions, which were made by the Helena Daily Herald about the Native American fighters, were that the war remains the most known in U.S and the most challenging. Custer was among people had awful luck, overwhelmed by the superior figures concluded by his own fault (Farr 145). The newspaper gave a hint of how a stunned American learned the newscast that Custer was after extermination after the country had proudly renowned its centennial. The newspaper also showed how the other world learned of the disaster, borne by a scout who attained on the action with Gibbon after the war and measured the carnage on the war field.
After the end of the war, the southern states passed laws that the black codes which allowed the Africans in America rights such as, owning of property, legalized marriage and they were also allowed to have access to courts (Farr 236). On the other hand, they repudiated the right to testify and attend in the panel of adjudicators in the state militia or beginning to work without endorsement from the former employer.
Carter supports his argument about Americans crisis of confidence, in that during the past three years he spoke about national concerns, the energy crisis reorganizing the governmental, national economy and the various issues of war and especially peace (Farr 234). He insisted on how the government should be doing to make sure the nation’s dreams and vision are accomplished (Farr 347). Carter says that in order for the nation economy, to flourish the government has to curb the entire crisis and focus on the national development.
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Farr, James. Political Science in History: Research Programs and Political Traditions. Cambridge [u.a.: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1995. Print. Read More
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