The style of clothing and hairstyles of the 1800 - Essay Example

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Between the start and the closing period of 1800 there were, obviously, a wide range of widely held styles of clothing and hairstyles for both men and women. This is because during this time there was a large amount of political developments in American and European society…
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The style of clothing and hairstyles of the 1800
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"The style of clothing and hairstyles of the 1800"

Download file to see previous pages A large number of Americans imitated the clothing and hair styles from overseas, while underprivileged Americans utilized economical fabrics so as to afford clothing (Dror, 2004). Despite women having long hair, they were likely to wear it up.
During this time, France was experiencing economic hardships. Napoleon proposed new culture and fashion style because he realized the probability of revenue in the textile industry. Members of the noble class were not permitted to wear the same clothes twice, thus were compelled to buy additional fabrics. Ladies dresses were characterized by high waists and full skirts. Additional fabrics were used for evening wear. White was the dominant color among the wealthy and style was inspired by Classical Grecian robes. Moreover, for females’ dresses, the waistline moved towards the bustline. Dresses were created using thin fabric, typically, muslin, and skirts were not full. Necklines were square and low, and sleeves were capped and tight (Dror, 2004). Females frequently put on pelisses during winter. The pelisse is a coat with a waist that matches the waistline of the dress.
During the early part of this period, males wore derbies and top hats. Breeches were tightly fitted and longer, highlighting male’s calves. Later, males begun wearing trousers and pants were longer. Moreover, coats contained long tails at the back and were short in the front. Males put on double-breast coats with stiff and thick collars. Also, blouses were made of muslin or linen. Females in this period designed their hair in a Y or T shape. The back of the hair was put in a bun or braided and pinned, while the front was trimmed approximately chin size and frequently coiled into soft ringlets (Dror, 2004). Later, females’ hairstyles were ornate and extravagant, for example, Madonna, which contained a central part with numerous coils in layers on the crown and front of the head, and Apollo knot, which was made up of two outsized knots decorated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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