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History of the French Revolution - Essay Example

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This paper seeks to delve deeper into the causes of the French Revolution and the changes that it tried to enact after, ending with an analysis of whether the revolution succeeded in its objectives or not. …
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History of the French Revolution
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"History of the French Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages France as a country traditionally had a monarchy as its head of state. But just like most countries headed by royals at the time, the common citizens of the nation did not manage to get their fair share of the wealth that the country had. These masses lived in squalor and poverty. This discontentment led to the awakening of their consciousness in an era known as “The Enlightenment” which helped stoke the fire of independence in the people. This enlightenment was further fueled by the historical American war that saw the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The French people wished to be freed from the same perceived controlling regime of the monarchy at any cost because of the struggle for hegemony and the fact that the empire often times used up all of the fiscal resources of the country, leaving very little if at all for the peasants. Due to the rise of “The Enlightenment” among the social classes, political conflicts began to erupt which led the public to wonder as to whether the current governance of their country could still be overthrown and a new type of government that would benefit all social classes in France could be set in its place.
The political system of France at the time was also on very shaky ground since the there was a conflict between the monarchy and the aristocracy when it came to the perceived reforms of the tax system which often times led to a non-functioning state of government. The main problem with the French leadership at the time was the fact that the monarch, had been given absolute control over the country. Such type of power tends to make the monarch and his cohorts prone to abuse of authority among those they govern. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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History of the French Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words. Retrieved from
(History of the French Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
History of the French Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“History of the French Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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Role Played by the French Revolution in France's Socialist History
...The role played by the French Revolution in France's Socialist history Communism and socialism were once used together but have recently taken separate understandings. In recent times, communism refers to the assumptions and thoughts borne from Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, plus those who succeeded them. At the heart of communism, stands the idea of elimination of capitalism. This is described as private possession of the factors of production and private income; including the use of force to attain them if needed (Jaures 1). After the communist uprising, in USSR, Russian leaders further advertized the doctrine of communism, as well as leaders in China. Socialism falls as an economic...
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... French Revolution The French revolution of 1789 is a great unchangeable event that saw the end to despotic rule of the Burbo dynasty, administration anarchy, unlimited monarchy and inefficiency of King Louis XVI. The French revolution of 1979 happened between 1787 and 1799, reaching the climax in 1789. This period was characterized by radical political and social upheavals. This was propelled by the American Revolutionary War, especially the ineptitude acts of King Louis XVI that enhanced frustrations among the French people. External threats propelled the revolution profoundly. This made the French revolution become the most important event in modern history as it was more radical than either the Dutch or American Revolutions... . This...
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...that got dominated by monarchical tyranny and aristocratic privilege at the time. Nineteenth century revolutions that took place in Europe got founded on the basis of the French revolution and some even borrowed ideas, terms, and colors from it. The French revolution left a lasting legacy on societies around the globe. The revolution through it its declaration of the rights of man and citizens led to significant impacts on the people of France as well as the European society. The revolution gave rise to equality and removal of oppression of the ordinary citizens who make up a country. The revolution got...
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...Dear child, This is probably the last correspondence that I am making to you; I have been tried at the court today and shall end my life by tomorrowat the court's orders. As you know we have been witnessing havoc out here since last four years, but the real reasons for this lie in the degrading situation since the late 70s when the economic inefficiencies began to surface. At that time financial system of the monarchy had no centralized bank or treasury and coupled with the fact that the state got involved in a number of wars, the economic condition consistently deteriorated with the state taking more loans than what it could repay. At times it also appeared that the royal family's lavish spending was unsustainable. The sources... child,...
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...variety, was, above all, a nationalist movement (Mosse 5). In the monarchic system, the masses were simply the source of labor for which the aristocracy was able to derive its wealth. In a sense, the aristocracy was a parasite in regards to the masses, and the aristocracy did not require for the masses to be particularly proud or enabled by their country. The French Revolution was, in fact, dependent upon the masses, for it was the masses that rose up and demanded a re-distribution of the wealth. The masses had been politicized: “for the first time in modern history they functioned as a pressure group and not just through episodic uprisings …Stressing this aspect of the...
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Analysis of the French Revolution and Human Rights: A Brief Documentary History by Lynn A. Hunt
... and thus came to have a satisfactory life. The speaker is very precise, and his message is clear to the audience: enjoy the freedom and do not waste time thinking about what would have been. The speaker says, “Everything revives the memories of the cruelties of this barbarous people” (Hunt, 155-158). With this, it is safe to say that the speaker is a member of the Haitian state and fought for independence. His target audience is those who have enjoyed the benefits of independence. Bibliography Hunt, Lynn A. The French Revolution and Human Rights: A Brief Documentary History. Boston: Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press, 1996. Print.... Chapter 22 textbook (listen to the past) Q1 Sieyes condemns the privilege system that...
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...lasting till 1870, meaning the country and its people were kept away from real democracy in letter and spirit, as a result it can be said that the French revolution was a complete failure in this context. The establishment of Holy alliance towards 1815(Dussen and Wilson, 50) marked another severe blow towards the real objectives of the French Revolution. The main objective set forth against the existence of Holy alliance was the fact that actions must be taken to ensure that no other revolution like that of France’s 1789 revolution may take place. Both domestic affairs as well as the international affairs that took place in Europe...
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...French revolution The French revolution is a period covering the years 1789 to 1799 in the history of France. During this time, the monarchy and churches were overthrown and restructured respectively causing the rise to democracy and nationalism. Causes: France was hit by financial difficulties for over a century. The Louis XIV wars caused debts that grew after the wars fought in the 18th century. This wars caused affected even Britain, but they did not go bankrupt because, in Britain everyone paid tax including clergy and the nobles. In France, only the citizens paid tax. As a result, the government could not levy enough tax to fill in the deficit as...
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...French Revolution Introduction French Revolution had colossal effect on entire Europe. This French revolution was a significant part of the western civilization. The western society was influenced by the developments that took place in Europe between eighteenth and nineteenth century. This particular essay will determine number of connections between socialism, liberalism, romanticism and other several events during 1789 and 1850. Discussion The development that took place in entire Europe during eighteenth and nineteenth century had a direct impact on Europe’s economy, social-life and culture. During this period of time western...
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