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( Herbert Hoover )By analyzing his times, his initiatives as President and his record of accomplishments, argue that he either was or was not an effective President and discuss why - Essay Example

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He was president of the United States between 1929 and 1933; during his tenure, the economy of the United States was experiencing the great depression. Despite his predecessors…
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( Herbert Hoover )By analyzing his times, his initiatives as President and his record of accomplishments, argue that he either was or was not an effective President and discuss why
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"( Herbert Hoover )By analyzing his times, his initiatives as President and his record of accomplishments, argue that he either was or was not an effective President and discuss why"

Download file to see previous pages He freely accepted the great depression and blamed the Americans despite 1the sufferings it brought to them. For more than three years, he refused to take any step to alleviate suffering.1
It is believed that Herbert Hoover was rightly placed, but in the wrong time. Based on his ideological beliefs, he could have performed better than his predecessors if there was no any depression. He was more committed to the active government than Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge. Nevertheless, due to the beginning of the great depression, he received blames from his countrymen during his time and from the subsequent generations. In his own way, Herbert Hoover tried to alleviate the depression more than any other preceding presidents, but all his plans failed.
Hoover strived to portray his success throughout his life. He was orphaned at the age of six years. He attended Stanford University and became an engineer. He also entered into the world of business, started his own business and became a multimillionaire. He served as a volunteer in food administration during the Great War. He headed a private relief campaign during the First World War; this earned him good reputation and the ticket to the presidency through the Republican Party. After rising to power, the Depression began, and Hoover’s efforts of alleviating it became unsuccessful.2
Reports show that Hoover was apparently aware of the problem; Hoover confided in William J. Abbot (Editor of Christian Science Monitor) about his fears in late 1928. He purportedly said that his campaigners had portrayed him as a superman who could handle all complicated and difficult problems. He predicted his suffering for anything wrong beyond his ability and measure to solve. People expected the impossible from Hoover; in 1932, he said that he was totally oversold.2
Despite the fallacious, undeserved, but enduring reputation, Hoover ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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