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Egyptian god Osiris - Essay Example

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He had four siblings Set, Horus, Isis and Nephthys and he was deemed king of the underworld regardless of the fact that the priests of the Heliopolis appointed Atum as…
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Egyptian god Osiris
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Egyptian god Osiris

Download file to see previous pages... Also remarkable about Osiris, he once took on a human form and existed on earth (Hill).
In addition, as a mythological deity, he was characterized as a bearded man with white mummy wrappings bearing the Atef crown and the Flial and Crook at hand; these two symbolized supreme power. His supreme power was recognition as the representation of resurrection and eternal life. In addition, in his representations, he had green or red skin to signify vegetation or earth respectively. Another attribute he was associated with is the source of wealth and fertility (Deurer).
In some legends, Horus is recognized as his son who took vengeance for his death by casting Set away to the desert. Part of this legend states that after Set had chopped Osiris’ body to pieces, Isis found the pieces and pleaded with the god, Re to bring him back to life. Since he was already dead, Osiris’ body was put back together in a mummy, and he was made god of the dead; therefore, his responsibility was as judge of the souls of the dead. The living pharaoh is materialized by Horus while the dead pharaoh is materialized by Osiris. This divine kinship arises from his two separate roles as king of the dead and provider of fertility (Wigington).
Horus came about from the coming together of Osiris and Isis who were twins. He was looked to for advice on agricultural matters as the flooding of the Nile, which added nutrients to the soil making it fertile, was ascribed to him. The annual cycle of flooding, planting and harvesting was attributed to him, as it was believed he had life-giving powers. There exists a folklore, which points the changing of ancient Egyptians from cannibalism to Osiris, as his wisdom and advice brought about agricultural practices. This made him be accredited for the evolution of Egyptians to a civilized way of life (“Osiris- God of Fertility and Renewal”).
Further civilizations ascribed to him include ways of worshipping the gods and instituting of laws. During ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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