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The Two Matildas: Models of medieval Queenship - Essay Example

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One such queen who is generally not referred to as a queen nor included or listed in the list of monarchs who have ruled over England is Empress Matilda also known as Matilda of England.1 This is so because her ruling…
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The Two Matildas: Models of medieval Queenship
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"The Two Matildas: Models of medieval Queenship"

Download file to see previous pages She along with her brother William Adelin were the only legitimate children of King Henry I and the only heirs to the throne. Matilda of England’s brother died in a tragic accident, he died in the calamity of the White ship.3 The ship drowned and he died leaving her sister, Matilda of England the only sole heir to the throne. Her cousin Stephen of Blois had sworn to a commitment that he would accept Matilda as the heir to the throne and would support her if her father died in the matters of state but when King Henry I died he went against his vow and took over the throne. Matilda of England had to fight a long war to gain back the throne and during this period England was in a state of civil war and there was political unrest in the country.4
She got married at a very young age to Henry V who was the king of the Holy Roman Empire. She was sent to Germany for her marriage where she continued to get education and learned Germany. She was taught by the pope himself. The same year of her marriage she was crowned as the Queen of Romans in a ceremony. She played a very active role in the political issues and was always by her husband’s side in all political affairs. She seemed more German than English because she had spent a large portion of her life in Germany than in England. She was highly notorious among the population because of her active political involvement with her husband.5
After her husband’s death she was called back to England by her father because she was the only sole heir to the throne. She was not happy and satisfied on the decision because she had earned great respect and honour in the Empire and people liked her but there was already a heir to the throne in the empire and she found no chance of her getting on the throne so she decided to agree to her father and returned to Normandy. In order to secure the heir to the throne her father married her again to Geoffrey IV and with this marriage she had three sons one of whom became the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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