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Compare and Contrast: Fires of jubilee book by nat turner to the film amistad - Essay Example

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Amistad begins in a distinctive manner whereby the story revolved around slaves and ships. The film stars a slave who emerged to become a hero when he freed his…
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Compare and Contrast: Fires of jubilee book by nat turner to the film amistad
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Download file to see previous pages This film-invoked terror in the sense that the slaves resulted into violence on gaining freedom by attacking the Spanish who were responsible for enslaving them. All the Spanish individuals on board the ship were murdered in the ship. The survivors were only two Spanish men whose responsibility was to keep the ship afloat and take the slaves back to Africa (Pesci 24).
The joy experienced by the slaves because of freedom was short lived. This was because of the tactic employed by the Spanish sailors to sail towards the east in daytime and the northwest during the night. Eventually the ship docked at New York whereby American sailors boarded it. This resulted in the capture of Sengbe and fellow slaves. During the imprisonment of the slaves in America, Christianity was professed to them. However, those delivering the message of Christianity were hypocrites in the sense that they convinced the captured slaved to remain in bondage. There was still hope in the eyes of the Amistad slaves in bondage. This hope came to realization when a group of abolitionists made efforts to try to free the Amistad slaves. The abolitionists created an escape plan to free the Amistad slaves and in due process break the law. The escape plan involved freeing the slaves through an underground railroad, which was to see the slaves to safety. The slaves also appeared before a judge whereby Cinque gave his testimony. His testimony was of no consequence but the testimony from some British observers swayed the judge. As a result, the judge freed the slaves to be returned back to Africa. After the court hearing, it took only eight months for the Amistad slaves to return to their homeland in Africa.
The fire of Jubilee is a book that revolves around the slavery of blacks just as in the film Amistad. According to the book just as in the film Amistad, a slave known by the name Nat Turner made it his duty to rebel against the whites who were very harsh towards ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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