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The Significance Of The GI BILL - Personal Statement Example

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The paper "The Significance Of The GI BILL" focuses on the great significance of the G.I. Bill, signed into law as the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act of 1944. It also discusses benefits that were given to veterans with the G.I. Bill such as higher education and home or business ownership…
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The Significance Of The GI BILL
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"The Significance Of The GI BILL"

Download file to see previous pages College and home ownership were, prior to the G.I. Bill, thought of as unreachable by those who were not considered privileged in society. Higher education such as university was seen as a privilege reserved for the children of the upper echelon of America. The tuition assistance and the living stipend from the G.I. Bill changed that in short order and veterans flooded classrooms across the United States. With the gift of education, a higher standard and quality of life were guaranteed for many, as well as jobs with better pay and more stability. Low-interest home loans also contributed as returning veterans saw the once unreachable dream of home ownership finally within their grasp due to federally backed funding. They were able to move from apartments in the city to houses in quickly-growing suburbs, which meant expansion for cities and towns around the United States. This, in combination with their educational assistance, provided even greater stability to those that had served their country. The ripple effect of better education leading to better jobs with more pay, thus more money to spend and contribute to the economy, was felt throughout the nation in the years after World War II and made the G.I Bill significantly not only to each and every veteran that received its assistance but to the country as a whole. Other benefits were offered in the G.I. Bill that made a world of difference to returning veterans. Alongside home loans, veterans could apply for guaranteed business loans. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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