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What were the major provisions of the 1954 Geneva Accords, and what international pressures influenced these accords - Essay Example

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The accord had provisions that would lead to the cessation of hostilities of persons and nations involved in the Vietnam War. The other main provision was to…
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What were the major provisions of the 1954 Geneva Accords, and what international pressures influenced these accords
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"What were the major provisions of the 1954 Geneva Accords, and what international pressures influenced these accords"

Download file to see previous pages The strategies laid in this issue had a directed effort in controlling trade and other interests. America on one hand wanted to kill communism in the south eastern Asia while the French colonized Vietnam and invested heavily in the region. No one was willing to let go of the loose end of the string as economic and political factors acted as the drivers of events.
France never wanted to leave Genève after signing the Genève accord after investing and gaining influence over the nation (Ives 27). The prime minister kept on with the ties and culture in the northern part. The reassurance of French supports to Vietnam after independence and guarantee it an election in the 1956 hence a transition from a master outlook to equals. The domination of the French compromised the independence of the southern Vietnamese. This influenced the political scene in the nation in that politicians had to be anti French. Ten months after the accord, there was a French American cooperation that saw the French mismatch their action with words.
As the Geneva conference approached closure, the US began to review its policies towards Indochina. This consideration came as a result of communist in Chinese gaining avenues to spread to south eastern Asia. This would mean that the free world in these regions would come to an end as restrictions had to gain grounds originating from the communist. Sought to alternative French policies took center stage. The French and the US had to part ways over Vietnam as the policies regarding Viet by the US got subject to withdrawal. The US on its perception felt that the French could have taken a little bit longer in Vietnam before offering it independence.
America had two avenues of getting involved in the Indochina war. The most conspicuous one involved the efforts of France attempting to keep its colony as the other included the Vietnamese civil war. The main cause of this involvement by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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