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Middle East Women: In Realation to Profiling and Oppression - Essay Example

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The exclusion of women from any kind of public life has been for a long time a tradition in the Middle East and this has continued to the present day. This exclusion, although not originally a part of Middle Eastern culture came about after the death of the Prophet Muhammad when…
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Middle East Women: In Realation to Profiling and Oppression
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"Middle East Women: In Realation to Profiling and Oppression"

Download file to see previous pages ome so embedded in this culture that it is difficult for people, especially those who are conservative, to even consider allowing women to work outside the home. However, this view is beginning to change as over the past few years, women have been advocating not only for their right to work but also for their right for getting involved in public life. Women are increasingly becoming vocal and their confidence has further been encouraged by the successes of the Arab Spring, which are making governments, even the very conservative ones, listen to their demands and take action to make sure that these demands have been fulfilled (BBC).
Many women in the Middle East, and most especially in Saudi Arabia, have had a very good education and in fact, their literacy rate in the country is very high (Hamdan). A large number of these women have gone through tertiary education and many hold university degrees in diverse subjects and fields. However, most of them do not have jobs because these jobs are either male dominated, or because their societies are very critical of the idea that women can work. The conservative elements in these societies are completely opposed to women working outside the home and it is suspected that if they had their way, women would not be allowed to have an education in the first place. In places such as the SWAT region of Pakistan, the education of women is very much opposed by the local Taliban who consider this a form of corruption from the West (Aljazeera). They prefer that women remain at home in seclusion while the men continue to dominate the society by occupying all the work positions available. The opposition to the education of women by the Taliban was recently witnessed firsthand when they shot a teenage education rights activists in the head and proudly took responsibility for this action.
The conservative view towards women’s right to education and work is now being pushed aside as more women are taking the initiative not only to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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