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The Major Social, Economic and Technological Changes between 1865 and1895 - Essay Example

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In the paper “The Major Social, Economic and Technological Changes between 1865 and1895” the author analyzes various socioeconomic and technological changes that have occurred 1869 and 1895. Before and at the beginning of 1869, women were highly marginalized in the society…
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The Major Social, Economic and Technological Changes between 1865 and1895
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"The Major Social, Economic and Technological Changes between 1865 and1895"

Download file to see previous pages African Americans, for instance, were enslaved and forced to work in white farms as well as industries without pay. This hampered them from making most of their economic development. However, this came to an end with the abolition of the southern slavery in 1865. Since then, African Americans have made tremendous progress in terms of development both socially and economically as noted by Finkelman (437). Economic ChangesIn the period under discussion, farming became intensified as agriculture became highly valued in the society. These changes can be attributed to the organizations that were formed to unite farmers at the national and state levels. There was also the Dawes Act (1887) which decides to break up Native American tribe by giving them land. Also, in the same period, more industries grew up during this period as trade increased. This was also as a result of literate population who became more innovative. Industrial growth was also intensified by agriculture.Technological changesRailway transport highly improved due to the new technological inventions in the latter part of the 19th century. For instance, the invention of air breaks by George Westinghouse increased the safety of railway transport. In addition, the invention of Janney car couplers made it possible for railroad workers to connect cars. Communication also improved following the invention of the typewriter in 1868 by Christopher Sholes, according to Nash and Smith (173). In addition, photography was invented. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Major Social, Economic and Technological Changes Between 1865 Essay)
The Major Social, Economic and Technological Changes Between 1865 Essay.
“The Major Social, Economic and Technological Changes Between 1865 Essay”, n.d.
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