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2012 Election - Essay Example

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Major infrastructure problems, how to improve the struggling economic condition, the methods by which to promote job growth, and…
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2012 Election
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"2012 Election"

Download file to see previous pages Based on all of the aforementioned issues and after balancing pros and potential cons related to both candidates, it has been determined that Mitt Romney would be the best leader for the United States.
First, in relation to the economy, Barack Obama has a proven track record of failures associated with economic policy and stimulus package development to prevent the company from experiencing a recession. This current president maintains a very large group of economic advisors to provide him information and strategies that will help the macro- and micro-economic environment. It does not appear that this president maintains the academic or experience-based credentials to understand the complex dynamics of economic theory and inter-dependent financial institutions that drive growth and sustainability in the economy. It becomes a cause for concern when an individual who is responsible for dictating economic policy must rely on a basket of knowledge sources to make decisions. Mitt Romney maintains much experience-based knowledge of business and financial investment institutions and therefore can rely on their own tangible knowledge to make effective economic decisions. It is difficult to trust the economic policy of an individual with no formalized training in advanced economic development or experience working within the investment and financial communities.
Barack Obama also does not seem to understand the importance of a crumbling and inefficient infrastructure that supports retail, physical urban sustainability, and how physical infrastructure failures have long-term safety consequences for citizens. Many of the bridges and highways in America, as two examples, have been deemed unsafe by experts in safety management nationwide. In certain urban areas, they are literally falling onto vehicles as they pass underneath overpasses with the rebar exposed and potholes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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2012 Election Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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