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Since WWII, the United States has become confident in their war capabilities. Although confidence played a role, this does not mean that…
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This is a reading respond
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Was the Vietnam War justified? Use the events and decisions that the United s made during the war to illustrate your answer. Whether or not theVietnam War was justified is based upon decisions made by the United States and one’s own political stance regarding war. Since WWII, the United States has become confident in their war capabilities. Although confidence played a role, this does not mean that the Vietnam War was justified. The war was originally between the French and not the United States. Although the French needed the help, in the end the war was not victorious and many lives were lost. Communism continued in Vietnam and Americans became angered at the United States government for intervening in a war the United States did not need to be a part of.
The only justification regarding the Vietnam War and the United States is that the United States was able to show the world that they stood by the sides of their allies. France was able to see that the Unites States was committed to them. The world was also able to see the United States was resilient and did not give up easily. Finally when the war ended, the ones hurt the most were Americans as they lost trust in their government and the best decision made by the United States was to end the war. Read More
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