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How are we reliant on Corn in today's society - Essay Example

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Most of the food items available in America contain corn in one way or another. Corn-fed hamburgers, corn-sweetened juice and corn-oiled salad dressings are some of the major food items of Americans. In fact corn is one…
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How are we reliant on Corn in todays society
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"How are we reliant on Corn in today's society"

Download file to see previous pages d syrups, baking powder, dextrin or dextrose, food starch, maltodextrin, modified gum starch and sorbitol, vegetable gum, vegetable starch and vegetable protein, Grits and hominy some of the products which contain corn in one way or another (Fitzgerald)
Even if a person tries to avoid corn foods deliberately, it is extremely difficult for him to avoid the influence of corn in his food habits completely. Corn plant leaves are one of the major food items for American cows. While using the milk of those cows, or while taking tea from a restaurant, corn is influencing the food habits of that person indirectly.
Corn related allergies are causing problems to many people. Such people always look for food items that contain no corn related ingredients. It is extremely difficult to identify a food item without corn ingredients in America. However, Champagne contains no corn ingredient which is strange in my opinion (My Week Without Corn). This paper analyses the importance of corn as a food grain.
One of the major myths associated with global food production is that there is not enough food to go around. In reality, global food production is more than enough to cater the needs of the entire people in this world. According to Melissa Moore (2005),
The world today produces enough grain alone to provide every human being on the planet with 3,500 calories a day. That’s enough to make most people fat! In fact, if all foods are considered together, enough is available to provide at least 4.3 pounds of food per person a day. That includes two and half pounds of grain, beans and nuts, about a pound of fruits and vegetables, and nearly another pound of meat, milk and eggs (Moore).
The above statistics clearly suggest that there is nothing wrong with the global food production, but something else is causing food scarcity in some parts of the world. Corn is most popular food grain in the world. Even wheat comes second only to corn in terms of global usages. It should be noted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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