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September 11th Attacks on the United States and How it changed my outlook on Politics and world events - Personal Statement Example

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Iraq war, Afghanistan war, surrogacy, prostitution, unemployment, poverty, mistrust between religious creeds, repercussions in Muslim countries, pornography, drug use, 2008 economic meltdown, loss of life, hatred against Muslims, increase in weapons trade, psychological impact,…
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September 11th Attacks on the United States and How it changed my outlook on Politics and world events
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"September 11th Attacks on the United States and How it changed my outlook on Politics and world events"

Download file to see previous pages This attack generated hatred, depression, frustration and insecurity among the people. Every individual whether Muslim or non-Muslim has experienced a tough time after the 9/11 attack. Brutality rose to its peak in different countries that lead to discrimination. The political situation in U.S and other countries become worse. People live in fear and hesitate in exchanging their personal views regarding the prevailing political situations worldwide openly with others.
U.S imposed a policy war against terrorism with the help of numerous countries in Muslim states. Its been 11 years since the attack took place and nothing has been gained so far except hatred, conflicts among nations and aggression. Inflation rose, which in turn lead to unemployment and poverty. Nations invested millions of dollars for the security of their borders to eliminate the risk of attack. Illegal activities such as drug smuggling, human trafficking, and pornography rose.
I suffered a mental trauma that created a negative picture regarding different nations. The U.S economy faced budget deficits as they increased their investments in purchasing modern weapons to fight against terrorism. The Muslim community suffered more after the attack that lead to harassment, conflicts in religious practices and demoralization. This chain of events has changed my life in various ways, it has deeply affected my thinking and damaged my level of trust towards the government.
The US government spends millions of dollars every year in upgrading their security systems and still 19 people armed with pocket knives could easily hijack 4 passenger planes and so easily crashed them into the twin towers and inflicted such a long-term tragedy that changed the history of mankind. Peace and harmony among nations has been taken out of peoples lives, and now they are living in fear and incursion.
In my opinion the situation has become worse as it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(September 11th Attacks on the United States and How It Changed My Personal Statement)
September 11th Attacks on the United States and How It Changed My Personal Statement.
“September 11th Attacks on the United States and How It Changed My Personal Statement”, n.d.
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