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Topic: Lessons of the cold war - Essay Example

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The Cold War was a conflict that occurred between the world’s two biggest superpowers, The United States and the Soviet Union, in approximately the period from the close of the Second World War (in which the two were allies), until the breakup of the Soviet Union into Russia…
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Essay topic: Lessons of the cold war
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Topic: Lessons of the cold war

Download file to see previous pages... uclear weapons (Brooks 449), engaging in proxy conflicts such as wars in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan and elsewhere, and generally believed that each side’s existence was anathema to the existence of the other side.
The United States is widely considered to be the “winner” of the Cold War for several reasons. Firstly, there is simple geography: if you look at a map, the United States exists now exactly as it did during the years of the Cold War (in fact, it actually grew somewhat during the conflict, adding Hawaii and Alaska as states as opposed to protectorates or territories), whereas the Soviet Union dissolved as a political entity, becoming Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine, and several other smaller states between the Black and Caspian Seas (Brooks 450). More importantly, however, was the fact that the political ideology of Russia shifted – the one-party, communist government ended, the economy was capitalized, state run corporations became privately owned and so on. So, the state of the Soviet Union and the form of government and economy that it represented both ended, while the United States remained the lone Superpower.
There are various explanations of how the Cold War was “won” or “lost” without recourse to a nuclear war. One of the major theories is that the Untied State’s more efficient and productive economy simply outpace the Soviet one, leading the Soviet government to either fall behind militarily or socially – both of which would have leaded to the downfall (Brooks 449). The classic explanation can be summarized as ‘the United States could make tanks and cars, the Soviet Union, one or the other.’ Any explanation that fails to take into account Soviet leadership, however, is somewhat naïve. The fact is that Gorbachev, the leader of the Soviet Union, genuinely sought openness and freedom for his people, and allowed them freedom to choose what type of economy they wanted, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cold war
In essence, the war can be described as the persistent state of military and political tension between the two states. The Soviet Union and its associates were branded as the Eastern bloc while the United States and their allies were referred to as the Western bloc (Leffler, 2008).
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The term appeared very soon after World War II when the Allies began to sum up its results. What did they see? First, half of Europe was in the Soviet zone of influence and was ruled by pro-Soviet regimes. Secondly, there was a mighty wave of liberation movements in the colonies against the colonial powers.
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However, the most worrying issue was that of the nuclear weapons available to both countries which if used would have caused equal destruction to both countries. After the World War II it was seen that the United States and Russia underwent a competition in the field of economics, race and politics to gain superiority in the world.
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They were involved in high profile proxy wars where they supported rival against each other in locations such as Korea and Vietnam. Causes The war was the result of the clashing between capitalism and communism which at the moment were two opposing world views.
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In between,the threat of a nuclear war was forever hanging like Damocles' sword and came almost to a head when the Soviets positioned missiles across Florida in Cuba and in retaliation US blockaded Atlantic Ocean to prevent the Russians from bringing in more missiles to the Fidel Castro-controlled Cuba (Ask.Com1).
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One of the main motivations for all sides concerned within the international arena, was the continuing nuclear armament build up that had both sides concerned about a potential crisis situation. The horrors of the Vietnam War had convinced world leaders that a dtente was necessary to divert an unforeseen conflict that could not end well for any nation.
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The liberals believe in the democratic peace theory and hold the view that democracies do not create wars, but all solve problems amicably. Thus according to liberals the issue is not security or war, but economic prosperity. The liberals believe in the institution of nuclear non-proliferation through mutual cooperation among the states.
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Lessons of the Cold War

The author of the paper states that the United States may effectively use the lessons learned from the cold car especially on dealing various radical Islamic movements in the same way the communist movement was dealt with in the past. The spirit of nationalism can only fuel this resolution.

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