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Shortly after Juan Domingo Perns inauguration as constitutional president of Argentina on 4 June 1946, the date of Seventeenth of October became a national holiday. Soon after, another important national holiday, May Day, became a day to reaffirm - Essay Example

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Before the coming of Juan Domingo Peron into power, in Argentina, May Day celebrations were the occasion for the working class to engage in all kinds of activities threatening the social order. As Plotkin points out, they exhibited all kinds of revolutionary symbols, ranging…
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Shortly after Juan Domingo Perns inauguration as constitutional president of Argentina on 4 June 1946, the date of Seventeenth of October became a national holiday. Soon after, another important national holiday, May Day, became a day to reaffirm
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"Shortly after Juan Domingo Perns inauguration as constitutional president of Argentina on 4 June 1946, the date of Seventeenth of October became a national holiday. Soon after, another important national holiday, May Day, became a day to reaffirm"

Download file to see previous pages For him, the way to achieve the same was political rituals. In the opinion of Plotkin, he used the rituals for two purposes; to develop the feeling of being with the people, and to warn the opponents of his power over masses3. In fact, Peron always tried to develop spiritual unity among the various fractions of society. He warned the conservative class of the dire consequences of a social revolution. However, he failed to gain their support
In fact, May Day was selected as the Dia del Trabajo by the German socialist club Vowartz in the year 1890. Since then, for a long time, the celebration was a peaceful and festive event. Admittedly, from the very beginning, the May Day celebrations were linked to patriotism as is evident from Plotkin’s narration that at the end of May Day celebration in 1890, participants shouted ‘Long live the Argentine Republic.’4
However, things turned upside down as the Anarchists started celebrating May Day after the year 1901. For the Anarchists, the May Day had no connection with patriotism, but only an occasion to mourn for the Martyrs of Chicago. Thus, they engaged in certain ‘revolutionary gymnastic’ activities which threatened the public order. Thus, police actively started suppressing the Anarchist demonstrations, thus giving May Day an image of revolution and struggle. However, the peaceful May Day celebration regained popularity as time passed, and the bourgeois papers played an active role in this change. They actively emphasized the peaceful nature of May Day celebrations, and spread the feeling that workers were content, making revolutionary exercises unnecessary.
As time passed, the meaning of May Day was getting diluted as various political groups used the celebration for various ideologies5. However, the patriotic nature of the celebration was very evident from the fact that national flag and national anthem were a part of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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