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History and Swot analyses of Thailand - Essay Example

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Hence, it has a political system, society and economy that were many times shaped and re-shaped by international influences. A…
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History and Swot analyses of Thailand
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Extract of sample "History and Swot analyses of Thailand"

Download file to see previous pages , and later in the 19th century, the Chinese immigrants began to control the rice mills and other trades in Thailand (Baker, Baker and Phongpaichit, 2009, p.33). The Chinese people got perfectly assimilated into Thai culture and the Thai people adopted Chinese culture as a part of Thai culture (Baker, Baker and Phongpaichit, 2009, p.101). A quarter of the Thai population presently is of Chinese origin (Baker, Baker and Phongpaichit, 2009, p.101).
The European entry into Thailand had a great impact on Thai culture and life ((Baker, Baker and Phongpaichit, 2009, p.41). The Siamese monarchy and its government had many trade agreements with European traders ((Baker, Baker and Phongpaichit, 2009, p.41). The Thai courts were supplied “weapons and luxury” by these traders ((Baker, Baker and Phongpaichit, 2009, p.41). The material success that accompanied Christianity was a new idea for Thai people because according to the Thai Budhist religion, people were bound by the eventualities of fate (Baker, Baker and Phongpaichit, 2009, p.41). The European trade mobilized a market economy in Thailand (Baker, Baker and Phongpaichit, 2009, p.43). Though Britain and France had secret plans to accede certain parts of Thailand to their territories, the German expansionist move compelled these two nations to rally together against Germany and the result was a clear demarcation of Thailand’s boundaries by these nations through treaties signed “between 1902 and 1909” (Baker, Baker and Phongpaichit, 2009, p.61). More significantly the weapon trade of Europeans acted as a catalyst in replacing the monarchy, and transforming Thailand into a nation ruled by military (Baker, Baker and Phongpaichit, 2009, p.99). The growth of the military was so phenomenal that “military expenditure rose from 1 million baht in 1898 to 13 million in 1909-1910 (Baker, Baker and Phongpaichit, 2009, p.99). Along with many other effects, the presence of Europeans had a bearing also on the clothing of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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History and Swot Analyses of Thailand Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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